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City of Ormond Beach
Public Safety Bond Election and Special Referendum Election Results

February 23, 1999


Public Safety Bond Election
Proposition: Police-Fire Facility Construction For
Against bonds

Shall the City issue a maximum $3,500,OOO in general obligation bonds, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum legal rate, maturing within 30 years, payable from ad valorem taxes levied on all taxable property in the City, without limitation as to rate or amount, to finance demolition of certain police and fire facilities, acquisition, construction and equipping of replacement police and fire facilities and capitalized interest on such bonds as provided in Ordinance No.98-53.

1,798 1,462

Municipal Elections

 Special Referendum Election
"Shall Sections 3.03,3.05 AND 6.02 of the City Charter be amended?"
(For approval)
(For rejection)
Should the City Charter be amended to reduce the terms of all City elected officials from four (4) years to two (2) years; eliminate term limit provisions; eliminate staggered terms of office; and provide a transition schedule. 1,462 1,142


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