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Voting Equipment Overview
(Updated January 18, 2016)

In compliance with the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), Volusia County uses the DS200 Tabulator and an ExpressVote marking device in each polling place.

By Florida Law, all voting shall be by marksense ballot (paper ballot) with the exception of voters having disabilities.

Voting Equipment Overview [pdf] English  Español

DS200 Tabulator and Ballot Box:
A person using the DS200 Tabulator is issued a marksense ballot (paper ballot) and directed to a voting booth where they may mark their ballot in privacy.  The voter inserts the ballot into the DS200 Tabulator which reads, records and stores them in a locked ballot box.

1. To vote, completely fill in the oval oval image next to your choice.

2. If you erase or make other marks, such as a ü or an x, your vote may not be tabulated.

3. If you make a mistake, ask for a new ballot. You may receive up to two replacement ballots.

4. To vote for a Write-In candidate, fill in the oval next to the blank line provided and write the candidate’s name.

5. When you have finished marking your choices, insert your ballot into the DS200 Tabulator.

6. Once your ballot is tabulated, it is dropped into a locked ballot box.

The ExpressVote provides a means for voters who need assistance in voting to mark and print a card that is readable, verifiable and audit-able.

1.  Voters with special needs have the option of marking a physical ballot or using the ExpressVote to make their choices using a touch screen and/or a keypad.

2. A Poll Worker will program a ballot by inserting an activation card. If needed, headsets and a keypad are provided.

3. Voters have the option of adjusting their preferences; visual only, audio only, combined audio and visual, language, as well as the ability to magnify and adjust contrast.

4. Instructions will play through the headset with the options of adjusting the volume and changing the speed of the audio.

5. Once you have finished marking your choices, the activation card will print your ballot and eject. You will then insert your ballot into the DS200 Tabulator.

Note: Once a ballot has been deposited into the ballot box, a voter may not receive another, even if they indicate that they made a mistake or failed to mark any part of the ballot.

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