Volusia County Department of Elections
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Voting Procedures

Identification Required to Vote

  • When voting in person, voters are required to present a current and acceptable photo and signature identification.

  • If the picture identification does not contain the voter's signature, an additional identification with the voterís signature is required.

  • If the voter fails to furnish the required identification, he or she may vote a provisional ballot.

Provisional Ballot

  • When someoneís eligibility to vote cannot be confirmed, that person is entitled to a provisional ballot.

  • Most provisional ballots can be avoided by providing proper ID when voting and by keeping voter registration information current.

  • For more information on Provisional Ballot Voting, click here.


  • A voter may bring someone with them to assist with voting or may request that two Election Officials provide the assistance.

  • Voters with special needs may request to use the ADA compliant voting equipment that allows persons with special needs to vote independently without assistance.




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