Volusia County Department of Elections
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County Canvassing Board


I.       Composition of the County Canvassing Board (F.S. 102.141)

Membership of the board is made up of:

County Court Judge, who shall act as chair
Supervisor of Elections
Chair of the Board of County Commissioners

II.      Testing of Voting Systems (F.S. 101.5612)


III.    Canvassing the Absentee Vote (F.S. 101.68 & 102.141)


IV.     Canvassing  Special Absentee Ballots for Certain First Time Voters (F.S. 101.6925)


V.       Canvassing the Ballots for Early Voting (F.S. 101.657)


VI.     Canvassing Write-In Votes (Rule 1S 2.0031)


VII.    Canvassing the Returns from the Polls (F.S. 102.141)


VIII.  Canvassing the Provisional Ballots (F.S. 101.048)


IX.     Submitting Returns to the State Division of Elections (F.S. 102.141)


X.       Perform recounts, when required by law (F.S. 102.141(7) & 102.166)


XI.     Canvassing the Ballots from Overseas Voters for Federal Office (F.S.101.6952)


XII.    Final Certification to the State Division of Elections (F.S. 102.112)


XIII.  Perform random audit as required by law (F.S. 191.591)


XIV.   Contest of Election (F.S. 102.168 & F.S. 102.171)


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