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Designate Another Person to Pick Up a Vote-By-Mail Ballot

No earlier than five (5) days prior to Election Day, or on Election Day, a voter may designate another person (other than a candidate) to pick up a ballot for him or herself by printing and completing an Affidavit to Pick-Up Vote-By-Mail Ballot for a Voter form (Espaņol).

If the form is not available, the following information must be provided in writing by the voter:

  • Voter's name

  • Voter's Volusia County residence address

  • Voter's date of birth

  • Name of the person designated to pick the ballot up (designee)

  • Designee's relationship to the voter if he/she is a family member

  • Voter's signature

The designee may turn in the completed form at the Department of Elections or any Early Voting Site.

  • Ballots will be issued the same day if form is turned in at the Department of Elections; and on the following day if turned in at an Early Voting Site.

  • No one may pick up more than two (2) ballots for other voters, except for members of their immediate family.

The following must be provided by the designee:

  • Current photo and signature identification

  • A completed Affidavit to Pick-Up Vote-By-Mail Ballot for a Voter form (provided at the Department or Early Voting Site)



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